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Métafil-laGirolle SA
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2718 Lajoux (JU)

Tél. +41 32 484 70 70

Where to place an order

You can order complete plier sets in boxes, spare parts or a number of personalised pliers.

Standard orders:

Our distributor Bergeon, will take pleasure in honouring your orders of standard pliers. Homepage: (Part nbr = 6819).

Custom orders:

In the case of customised pliers or volume orders (500 +), please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Ordering spare parts:

Please indicate the part number of the required item (1 to 8) and send us a fax order by means or use our contact form.

1. METAGIR-P2000-000
2. METAGIR-P2100-085 (Ø 0.85mm)
3. METAGIR-P2200-075 (Ø 0.75mm)
4. METAGIR-P2300-000
5. METAGIR-P2551-000
6. METAGIR-P2552-000
7. METAGIR-P2553-000
8. METAGIR-P2554-000


Latest Information

ISO certification renewal

In September 2023, we have successfully passed the renewal audit of our ISO 9001-2015 certification.


ISO Certification

Our quality management according to ISO 9001-2015 complies with the most exacting requirements of the market.